Era of Birth

Several thousand years passed before the entity only known as magic, created new life amongst the monstrosities. These new beings differed from the others. They were thinking, feeling creatures that did more than fight. They lived in groups with others of their kind, creating societies amongst the chaos bringing some semblance of what people would now call order. These first beings were the Orcs, Dwarves, and Elves.

The Orc’s small societies, though more civil than the other monstrosities, was still very violent and dominated through power. Only the strongest were fit to lead the others safely from the monsters that surrounded their lands and from other Orc civilizations.

The Dwarves on the other hand did not share the same violence as the Orcs. While the Orcs roamed the endless expanse of the land, braving the chaotic changes to the lands around them. Rather than face the blistering snows, pulsing storms, and seas of fire; the Dwarves receded into the mountains, making their homes in the solid stone caverns. Making their livelihood in the dirt from where they had once came, the dwarves began to craft due to necessity. Though the dangers of the outside world were behind them, the creatures of the subterranean were perhaps just as deadly.

To Be Continued….

Era of Birth

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