Galdor "Hornbiter" Zhakan

An ex-slave freed by a man from House Mauclerc, Galdar has sworn his life to aid the house.


Galdor’s people have roamed the seas since ages past. Most notable among his people were the storm shamans who spent their entire lives aboard a ship steering and guiding the crew to victory or survival. A baby was born onboard a raiding galley to shamanistic parents who were the chief mages in the ship. As he was just a newborn at that time, all he remembers of them are a small blanket and his mother’s necklace. Recruited for their battle prowess, their ship was hired for a skirmish between the Houses Vanguard and Gray. Fighting on the side of the Grays, their vessel was obliterated and all aboard it ,perished. Sadly, as mercenaries go, they were neither missed nor remembered. However, with the last remaining dregs of their strength, his parents cast a spell to make him float above the water.

A few days later, a slaver ship arrived there to try and pick off anything of value left behind after the battle. On seeing this tiny calf floating mistily above the water, they snatched him up. Sailing to Dagger Port, he was auctioned to a mercenary named Klattark. For years, he wandered the wastes with Klattark, tending to his chores, being abused and constantly paraded about. The fact was, Klattark was angry that the slavers had sold him a “sorcerer” child who did not know to use magic. But for all his faults, the mercenary had managed to teach the young bull the grasps of language and basic survival. This would have continued for his whole life; had it not been for a decisive battle at the foothills of Buggithorp where Klattark was brutally slain by a warrior. This warrior , upon seeing the chained and shackled Minotaur, freed him and sliced off the patch of skin where his Slaver mark was branded.

The minotaur breathed a sigh of relief thinking that he was going to die in peace. However, the warrior just stood up and left saying “Now you are free, go forth and find your destiny.”. Confused, he just stood there not knowing what to do. A life of constant orders and no free thinking had left him unable to fend for himself. He just watched the warrior go. For a few more years, he wandered the wastes of Arkanstall, using his former master’s weapons and armour to go from town to town, doing small jobs and earning a bit of name for himself. Strange, seeing that he didn’t have a name and all everyone used to refer to him as “Hornbiter” by the way he used to nibble on his oversized horns.

One fine day during his travels, he chanced on Blackhall keep and old memories began to resurface. He remembered seeing the keep’s sigil on the warrior who freed him. Now realizing the extent of change that encounter had brought him, he tried to enquire about the warrior among the local bars and guilds. All he remembered of him were was a scar on the right cheek and one dead eye. Very soon, he found out his savior’s name, Sir Francis Mauclerc. He sought to thank him by asking entry into the halls of House Mauclerc but was refused each time. Patient as he was, he waited for three full days without moving when the warrior himself appeared before him and ask him to state his buisness. After explaining the encounter long back and all his tribulations, he thanked the knight and prepared to leave.

Sir Francis, impressed with this young Minotaur’s feats, asked him whether he would like to join him as one of troop captains. Thinking for a bit, the minotaur agreed and followed the knight. Thus, began the life of Galdor, though he was unnamed up to this point, he would later be given the name after being inducted into House Alwood and becoming the 7th infantry captain of the Mauclerc troops.

Galdor "Hornbiter" Zhakan

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