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The war between gods and men has only been over for thirty years, and the people of Arkhanstall are still picking up the pieces. The war left humanity the victors amongst the mortals, and their leaders scrambled to take control of the situation. The five great houses: House Lamourous, House Maucler, House Meyer, House Gray, House Vanguard along with the several smaller houses have maintained an unstable balance since its end. The other races have been left to live on the outskirts of human civilization, often looked at as a reminder of the bleak past. The Dragons that once aided the humans during the great war are either all dead or have gone into hiding. All that is left of them are their half-dragon children, deemed the name Dragonborn. The gods whom were not slain during the Great War were sealed off by the Humans, using ancient magic. An action that has made many of the other races angered but helpless to the human’s might.

With the reign of King Robert Mauclerc II the kingdom has become more peaceful. Though the houses are still at odds, it very seldom comes in the form of physical violence. More and more the other “lesser” races become more integrated in human society. Dwarves open up smiths and Halflings travel around singing songs for the people. The only ones seemingly not enjoying the peace are the Elves. Still looked down on by many humans, many have resorted to living in tents outside of human cities hoping to receive their scraps. Others have moved into the wilderness to escape from the hatred.

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