Tales of Arkhanstall

Story thus far....
Roll20 Campaign


Story Thus Far:

The party began their adventure in the small village of Nider. A few of them had heard rumors of a band of men who had recently attacked a House Way ship off the coast of Bari Docks. Others have been told to come by people in power, who know that things are afoot. Most of the characters meet up, realizing that they are all looking for the same thing. So they get together hoping to find it faster in a group, everyone except Garris. He decides to stay away from the large group try to find it separate from them.

They all gather information that has led them to believe that whatever was stolen from the Ways is being kept in the Tavern’s back room. The barkeep happily gives Garris the key, after a small donation. While the leader of the bandits is conversing with a merchant and the rest of the characters are deliberating over how to get what was stolen, Garris goes to back room. He broke down the blocked door with a spell and then blew up the barrels inside. Only to find that there is an injured child in the wreckage. The bandit captain runs over and beats him over the head with a club, knocking Garris out. The rest of the party sees this happen and hop into action……


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